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Complete Recruiting Guide

Complete Recruiting Guide

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The "Recruiting Guide" is a comprehensive recruiting course designed to guide you through the intricate process of securing a college or university spot for your daughter through sports. This course is divided into eight modules, each meticulously crafted to provide clarity, support, and insights at every stage of the recruitment journey.

  • Module 1: Getting Clarity In the inaugural module, we lay the foundation for success by helping you gain crystal clear insights into your college/university preferences. Through specific and detailed criteria, you'll establish a list that aligns with your aspirations, ultimately narrowing it down to the school of your dreams.

  • Module 2: Getting Exposure - Profile & Video This module focuses on compiling all academic and athletic information into a centralized location, creating a comprehensive profile. Learn to highlight honors and achievements effectively, and create a compelling video showcasing your daughter's skills and abilities.

  • Module 3: Recruiting & Communication Understanding the key terms of the recruiting process is crucial. This module provides insights into the dynamics that affect communication between your daughter and college coaches. We'll also help you set up an initial template for the first impactful email to coaches on your list.

  • Module 4: NCAA Eligibility Center Navigate the complexities of the NCAA Eligibility Center, learning how to register and maintain a clear understanding of the requirements for playing at the Division I or II levels.

  • Module 5: Marketing Yourself Learn the art of self-promotion to college coaches through various forms of communication and follow-up. This module equips you with the skills to effectively market your daughter as an ideal candidate for collegiate sports programs.

  • Module 6: Unofficial/Official Visits Explore the importance of both unofficial and official visits in the recruitment process. Understand how these visits can significantly impact decision-making for both parties involved.

  • Module 7: Athletic/Academic Scholarships & Other Forms of Financial Aid (FAFSA) Delve into the realm of scholarships and financial aid. Learn how to navigate the various forms of assistance available and understand their implications in financing your daughter's education.

  • Module 8: Final Thoughts In the concluding module, we wrap up the course with a review of key insights from each module. Discover what steps to take next in your daughter's recruitment journey, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the exciting opportunities ahead.

Embark on this transformative journey with our recruiting modules, arming yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to secure a bright future for your daughter both academically and athletically.

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